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Is tobacco bad news in any form?

The American Dental Association and all pediatric dentists encourage children, adolescents, and adults to abstain from all forms of tobacco use. Tobacco use in any form brings the oral region into direct contact with cancer causing agents called carcinogens. Irreparable damage to oral health can be caused by these harmful chemicals and carcinogens. Smoking can reduce smelling and tasting abilities, stain the teeth, result in oral cancer, compromise recovery after oral surgery and increase the risk of contracting periodontal disease.


If your child is a tobacco user, below are some early signs of oral cancer:


* pain, tenderness or numbness anywhere in the lips and mouth

* a mouth sore that won’t heal

* trouble swallowing, chewing or moving the tongue or jaw

* a red or white patch that does not go away

* a change in the way the teeth fit together


Oral cancer can be treated if it’s caught early. If you have questions or concerns about your child using tobacco, please contact our office.

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