Minimally Invasive Treatment

Hall Technique

The Hall Technique is an alternative method to treating cavities in primary molars by sealing decay under a stainless steel crown, avoiding anesthesia, drilling and tooth preparation. In order for the stainless steel crown to be placed on the tooth, there must be sufficient space between the teeth. If the space is not currently available, separators may be placed between the teeth in order to complete treatment.

The hall technique is a good option for a child who is apprehensive or is unable to tolerate dental treatment. If you would like more information on the hall technique, please contact our office.

Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF)

Silver Diamine Fluoride also known as SDF is an antimicrobial liquid used to slow or stop decay and treat tooth sensitivity. It is a colorless liquid that is painted on the affected teeth causing ONLY THE AREA OF DECAY or demineralization to stain black permanently. SDF is comfortable and easy to apply and your child is able to eat and/or drink 1 hour after application. SDF has been well documented for it’s safe and successful ability to control tooth decay, however, it may not eliminate the need for restorative work and it does not prevent future treatment. The black discolorations may be removed or reduced with other treatment options once the tooth is stable. Dr. Jody will be happy to discuss this and other minimally invasive options for dental treatment.

Depending on the severity of the decay, SDF may require several easy visits to ‘paint the teeth’. Silver diamine fluoride is a good option for a child who is apprehensive, unable to tolerate dental treatment, delay treatment, avoid OR, or for cavities that have started but are not yet big enough for fillings. If you would like more information on Silver Diamine Fluoride, to see pictures and examples, please contact our office.

SMART Fillings

A SMART filling is a quick, painless alternative to treat young, apprehensive children with cavities who wish to avoid or delay shots, drilling, sedation or general anesthesia for their child’s treatment. SMART stands for silver modified atraumatic restorative technique. This technique is done by using silver compounds, a natural antimicrobial with glass ionomer cement and a BPA free filling material. If you have any questions regarding a SMART filling, please contact our office.